C++ Introduction

Welcome to the C++ introduction, here you will learn how to write efficient C++ programs. I will be using the bloodshed dev C++ compiler, so all the information I will be putting in the C++ lessons will be worked in bloodshed, so if you are using a different compiler be careful if the code does not work because compilers differ in how they need to be written, if you want the bloodshed compiler or just need a compiler go here:

Here is the homepage:

And here is the download page directly, if this doesnt work use the homepage and go to downloads and look for Dev-C++:

and get the bloodshed dev C++ compiler so you can write and run C++ code.

Why bloodshed?

It is easy to work with for me and I started with it and since I already learned how to do things with it, I just keep on using it, I'm not saying its the best but its nice at the very least for beginners if anything.

Now that you have a compiler to compile your C++ code, now it is time to utilize it and start learning C++


using namespace std;

int main()
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