HTML -- Lesson 2

Lesson 2

This lesson shows you all the ways you can use and manipulate the text in your website.

Lets check out some code:

Now well break it up for you.

This bit of code shows us the <p> tag and </p> end tag. Inbetween these two tags will be the text you are writing. The <p> stands for paragraph and is used when you are going to start writing text to be seen on your website. It can be quite useful if you are tired of using break to create spaces between your writing. After you are done writing and use the end tag </p>, it will drop you 2 lines down (like if you used 2 BREAK tags) creating a space between your writing. I recommend using it for the sheer organization of your website and it is used in more complicated text enhancement.

Now we have the <i> tag and </i> end tag. These italisize anything inbetween them.

Now we have the <u> tag and </u> end tag. These underline anything inbetween them.

Now we have the <b> tag and </b> end tag. These bold anything inbetween them.

And finally we have the tag <font> with attribute size="5". Put them together and you get an attributed tag, <font size="5">. Put whatever size you want your text inbetween the quotes after size=, in this case it is 5. And then you write your text after the tag and finish with the end tag </font> to clarify you are done making the text size of 5.

Those are the basics of text enhancement, let me show you some other bits of code. Each of these would be between the tags <BODY> and </BODY> like the previous ones.

Here is some more ways to give your text some effect:

<s> Jester </s>

This is the strike tag and strikes through your text.

<big> Jester </big>

This is the BIG tag and it makes your text BIG.

<small> Jester </small>

This is the small tag and it makes your text, small.

<TT> Jester </TT>

This is the TeleType tag, and it makes your text look, TeleType.

Now here are 2 fun tags id like to show you:

<sub> Jester </sub>

This is the subscript tag, it makes your text look a submarine.

<sup> Jester </sup>

This is the superscript, it makes your text look like superman flying way up in the sky.

Now we are almost done with this lesson, except i said that we used paragraph tags earlier in complex texting code, well here is an example of that.

<p style="font-size:150%;"> Jester </p>

This would make Jester look like this:


As you can see we use the paragraph tag but add on an attribute, style. Then we tag on the font-size and give it 150% bigger than the original text, you can also make it 50% or whatever % you would like.

Another way to write this, but make it stand out is:

<p> <strong style="font-size:150%;"> Jester </strong></p>

This would give Jester a look like this:


The only thing new here is the strong tag, it can be used seperately as well, <strong>. This pretty much does exactly the same thing as bold.

That is it for Lesson 2 of manipulating text, please head on over to the rest of the lessons and get a brain full.
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