JS -- Lesson 4

Lesson 4

In this lesson will be object hierarchy. There isnt too much to go over just that object hierarchy is sort of like folders within folders. You search through each folder to find the next folder and the next folder until youve found the thing you are looking for. The same works for object hierarchy:

That is many of the different folders in HTML. I didnt put all of them in the picture, there are quite a few in total though. To show you a few examples on how to use them look at the examples below:

This is the window.status object hierachy code. That particular one is the window status bar to your bottom left and says Done, or errors on page, URL's, and lots of other things.

This is the hierarchy of the value of an input. To get the value of an input we must first look inside the document, then look inside the name of a form, then inside the name of an input that inside the form, then we can get the value of that input. Like i said sort of like folders within folders.

This one is just like the above one except we are getting an attribute of the value. In this case its the length of the value.

There are many others, but it would take forever for me to tell you them all, once you have the hang of all the items in the object heirarchy you can pretty much figure out how to use each.

Head on over to the next lesson when you are ready.
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